The Band

Big Delusion was officially formed in January 2008. Of all the random randomness going on with musicians boozing their asses off, all the members got their shit together and started working on some songs.  All the members have been active musicians for years and therefore contribute much in coloring the style of Big D. There's everything from blues to black metal inspirations in the band, which make up the vast variaties in the music. Big D lives to play live and loud and makes sure the party is starting as soon as they get on stage!

These are the rockers that keep the Big Delusion wheel of rock'n'roll turning:

Mina Modalsli: Vocals

Amund Weider: Guitar, noisestuff

Andres Saxegaard: Guitars, backing vocals

Morten Sagranden: Bass

Lars Erik Røed: Drums

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Apr 16, 2019
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